8 Tools for Building Your Own Mobile App


Sept. 12, 2020, 11:13 a.m.
Posted By: Team Convertron

In a place where the need of app development is on the rising scale, tons of mobile app development platforms have come into the picture. Yes, in such a scenario, if you are eager to make a mobile app, you don’t need to look anywhere else. This article has got it all and you will get to know 8 tools for building your own mobile app. 

Whether you own a website or you are in need to create your personalized app, the given below tools are worth using. 

Hence, without wasting even a single second, let’s jump into the topic and uncover some of the best tools for building a mobile app. 

8 Tools for Building Your Own Mobile App

Spanning across the top class app builders, I have got you the best tools for building your own mobile app. 

1. AppMakr

AppMakr is without a doubt, one of the best tools for building your own mobile app. Yes, it’s a browser-based platform that is designed to create apps in the best and simplest way. 

Also, with the app, you can make use of your existing content along with social media approaches to make your app, a lot better. 

Additionally, the tool even offers features such as push notifications, location-based GeoRSS, JavaScript capabilities, and many more. 

Further, the tool is free to use but if you want to access more features, you will have to pay $79 as a monthly fee. 

Lastly, the tool works on iOS, Android, and even on Windows Operating Systems. 

2. Convertron

If you are looking to convert your website into an app, Convertron is the best of all tools. Yes, app working is the simplest where you only have to give your website URL along with basic information. 

Then, the tool will convert your website into an app, the fastest and simplest way. Yes, your app will get all the advanced level features. 

Additionally, the cost will be one time and there is no sorts of monthly level subscriptions. With this, you will not spend more on the app and can use your app, the perfect way. 


GENWI is another one of the best tools for building your own mobile app. In this scenario, GENWI is a tablet and smartphone app making platform which you can use to create and manage different mobile apps. 

Whether you want to build an android app or an iOS one, you can use the app and create some of the best mobile apps. 

Plus, GENWI helps you to revise apps as and when you like. In this case, you can simply add more features and remove the unwanted ones. 

Lastly, GENWI offers three months trial and then you can opt for the subscription plans. 

4. Mippin

One of the biggest strengths of Mippin is the platform offers complete ease of use. The moment you will start using the app, you will love the simple and easy to use interface. 

Plus, the platform allows creating mobile apps for android along with iOS platforms and even delivers flexibility. 

Further, you can also take this thing a step ahead and have the Mippin company distribute your app. 

In terms of the pricing, yes, it’s a bit more and if you can spend a good amount, then you can consider Mippin for app development. 

5. MobBase

If you are a singer or you work in a band, then the MobBase app is a good one for you. The app allows making use of RSS feed to let fans know about the latest music events and concerts. 

Also, the platform even offers to upload music tracks for the fans to listen while browsing different apps. 

In terms of activation, on iOS, the activation requires a fee of $250 which is a one-time fee. 

On the other hand, Android activation requires $20 whereas the hosting fee ranges from $15 to $65 each month. 

Finally, you will have to pay for additional fees for In-app development. 

6. MobiCart

Do you have an e-commerce website that you want to convert into an app? If the answer is Yes, then MobiCart is an app you must look for. The app links up with PayPal and allows any of the businesses along with consumers to perform transactions online. 

Additionally, the basic plan of MobiCart starts from $15 per month while the Pro Plans cost $49 for each month. 

7. MyAppBuilder

Among the top tools for building your own mobile app, MyAppBuilder is a good app. With the help of this tool, you can let the platform build a mobile app for you. 

All you need is to deliver them the basic app details and what functions you want in the app. 

Then, they will build the app for you and will also upload the app to the app store. 

Once you will pay $29 as a monthly fee, you can develop two apps per month which is a good thing. 

8. RunRev

With the help of RunRev LiveCode, you can develop apps of your choice. This platform is a good one to develop apps of Android and iOS platforms. 

Also, with the help of this cross-device platform, you can develop live prototypes that make use of full capabilities to make and deploy the app. 

Plus, the website is packed with tons of tutorials that can help you all along the way to make an app. 

Final Word of Mouth

Wrapping up the article of the best tools for building your own mobile app, the quality ones are in front of you. 

Indeed, each of the above tools are brilliant and you can choose any of them to build your mobile app. 

However, if you are eager to convert website to app, Convertron is a wonderful platform. Their pricing is to the least extent and you will get a fully functional app with their services. 

Hence, right now, it all depends on your understanding and the type of app you want to develop. Then, you can make your app developed, bring it on to the app store, and generate revenue, with whole grace and comfort.


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