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How Convertron Started? Who are we?

Aug. 26, 2020, 9:29 p.m.
Posted By: Team Convertron

Convertron is based in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. We started convertron while solving our application development problems, our parent company WOLFx Digital Agency was facing a problem where we were not able to find the right person to develop our mobile application. After a lot of search for a good fit, we were unable to get somebody on board to solve this dire situation. So eventually we set out to find alternatives on how we can reimagine our problem and find a better solution.

After consulting with a lot of different agency we figured out a way and started developing our own in house tool. This tool allowed us to make apps only using vanilla HTML, CSS & JS. It served our basic needs but we also started implementing different add-on plugins like notifications. Eventually, after lots of testing and feedback, we were happy with the results that our company was facing and since then have used this tool to solve our app problems. So we decide to help people with similar problems by launching our tool as an online service which is Convertron: A program that ingests websites to give you your apps.

Convertron firmly believes in economic solutions to huge problems by reevaluating the core definition of the problem. Our approach is quite unique in the app development scene. To all our visitors we hope that we will be able to be of some service to you and all our existing users, it is our motto to be somebody that has concluded your problems by giving you a good solution.


Convert your Website URL into an app without writing a single line of code.

Convertron will convert your website into an app
  • Enter your Website URL which you want to convert into an app.
  • Our Team of experts will convert your website URL into an app.
  • You will receive your website converted into a mobile application in less than 24hrs.