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Push Notification

Send unlimited push notification without any extra charge. Once you convert your website URL to app, Convertron Provides you a push notification feature, this feature allows you to send unlimited push notifications to your app user


Convertron not only converts your website URL to app, It also provides a dashboard. With the help of the dashboard you can manage multiple apps that has been converted by Convertron. 

Inject JavaScript

Convertron believes in customizations, We provide you with this amazing feature where you can add your own custom JavaScript in your mobile application. This enables you to add some new animations to your app.

Multimedia Playback

When you convert your website URL to app using Convertron you get a polished product so unlike any other application your app will be able to record and play videos same as music and audio.

File Upload & Download

Convertron provides you with an application same as your website, So just like your website your application will also have option to Download & Upload files.

Instant App Update

Convertron knows that Changes are inevitable, so we provide you with Instant App update feature. Once you make any changes to your website it will instantly get reflected to your application.

No Ads

Convertron just converts your website URL to an app, once the conversion is done then the app solely belongs to you. You won't be getting any ads on your via Convertron.